Dreamfields Pasta Is The Real Deal For Diabetics And Low-Carb Dieters Alike

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Pasta is back for your low-carb lifestyle with healthy Dreamfields

Whenever someone finally embarks on their own low-carb journey to better health, it can always seem quite intimidating at first. You feel like you might have to give up some of your favorite foods forever and there’s a bit of dieter’s remorse that can set in. They think they’ll never be able to enjoy the foods that give them the most satisfaction and pleasure ever again. But they would be wrong!

In Episode 78 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube”, Christine and I discuss one of our all-time favorite low-carb products that has been out for several years now and is perfect for diabetics and anyone who is following a healthy low-carb lifestyle change. It’s called Dreamfields pasta and is arguably the most delicious-tasting pasta you’ve ever put inside of your mouth! We’ve been BIG fans of this product for several years because it delivers that familiar al-dente texture that is severely lacking in those “other” low-carb pasta products out there while only providing a mere 5g digestible carbohydrate on your blood sugar. Seeing is believing and I like what I see!

Watch this video review of the Dreamfields pasta to see why we like it:

It was my privilege to interview the President of Dreamfields Mike Crowley in August 2009 on my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast and he offered up some excellent information about the differences between the pasta that his company makes and that garbage pasta that floods supermarket shelves. It’s all in the complex matrix of the Dreamfields products compared with the conventional pastas. Take a look at Figure 1 for what a standard pasta looks like microscopically:

As you can see, the starch granules all-too-obvious and the protein molecules are chock full of holes. Compare and contrast this with Figure 2 showing this same vantage point with the Dreamfields brand under the microscope:

Very clearly, the matrix is much more complex, there are no visible starch granules present, and the protein is solid. What’s that mean to you when you’re eating Dreamfields pasta? It means the digestion of the Dreamfields pasta will not suddenly spike your blood sugar and send you on an unwanted insulin rush. Instead, you’ll get to savor some of the best-tasting pasta you’ve ever eaten while still being able to stay on your low-carb lifestyle. It’s the best of both worlds!

One word of caution which we mention in the video, but it’s worth repeating here: DON’T OVERCOOK YOUR DREAMFIELDS PASTA! If you cook it for longer than the written instructions say, then that complex matrix I showed you above will begin to break down and render the product useless for controlling your carb intake. When it says to cook it for 10 minutes, make sure you remove it from the heat immediately and consume. And don’t have any leftovers that you will need to reheat because it will become overcooked and you might as well be eating regular high-carb pasta if you do.

Thanks to our friends at Dreamfields, you can download a special $1 off coupon to save some cold hard cash on your next purchase of this truly remarkable low-carb pasta product which can be found in food stores nationwide as well as online. We enjoy it so much and we think you will too! Let us know what you think once you taste Dreamfields pasta for yourself!

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