Is It ‘Eco-Atkins’ Or Echo Atkins? Vegans Attempting To Co-Opt Low-Carb For Themselves

Filed under: Atkins Diet,In The News — @ October 16, 2009

Woman’s World finds itself wrapped up in controversy again over Eco-Atkins

You know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. But that familiar saying only applies if in attempting to imitate you don’t completely pervert the intent of the original idea. But that’s exactly what has been done to the original Atkins low-carb approach by a very aggressive group pushing a vegan-styled diet they call “Eco-Atkins” as a means to discredit the original Atkins diet created by the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins.

The latest excursion into beating up on the Atkins diet comes from the editors atWoman’s World magazine. As one of the most widely-read publications for women in America today, they frequently highlight new diets for women to try. You might recall they had to print a mea culpa to their readers in February 2008 just eight months after featuring a big cover story on the now-infamous Kimkins diet which was later found to be a fraud run by a morbidly-obese woman who had claimed in a podcast interview I conducted with her in 2007 that she had lost 200 pounds. Oops! Well, the latest issue of Woman’s World isn’t much better as they put the focus squarely on this “Eco-Atkins” diet nonsense.

Click here to see the brief history behind this “Eco-Atkins” movement and why it is nothing more than an attempt by the radical vegan and vegetarian groups out there to pervert the amazing benefits of a healthy meat-based, high-fat, low-carbohydrate nutritional approach.


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