Examining Health Through The Eyes Of Naturopathic Physician Dr. Bryan Walsh

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Dr. Bryan Walsh explains why he believes being fat is NOT your fault

Conventional wisdom tells us that if you are walking around as an overweight or obese person, then you are just too lazy, undisciplined, and stupid to know how to lose weight. But how many people do you know (yourself included) who no matter how much you cut your calories, exercise your butt off at the gym, and do everything 100% like you are supposed to do with all the willpower and gumption in the world who can’t shed the pounds no matter what they do? Is it possible there could be some underlying issues going on that can keep what would otherwise be a successful strategy for weight loss? Today’s podcast interview guest says a resounding YES and is here to help identify many of the barriers standing in the way of fat loss.

In Episode 301 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a Maryland-based naturopathic physician named Dr. Bryan Walsh who has a web site that has raised some eyebrows called “Fat Is Not Your Fault.” Dr. Walsh understands there are certain issues that can stand in the way of a patient finding success. Listen to him discuss in this interview why he came up with the name of his web site, why the Atkins diet is considered “extreme,” how customizing your diet to your individual needs is best, the four reason why fat loss can be challenging, the blood sugar connection to weight loss, the primary differences between hypoglycemia and insulin resistance, why you can suddenly wake up in the middle of the night when you have a blood sugar disorder, why medical specialties focus too narrowly on individual causes of health symptoms, how you can elevate insulin without eating anything, the power of thinking yourself into what you want to be, why some people are absorbing more calories than they consume, the tests that are essential for examining your current state of health, why he has concerns about the recommendations to take high doses of Vitamin D, why when your doctor says your blood work is “fine” you shouldn’t be happy about it, and so much more!

Click here to listen to a man who is obviously quite knowledgeable about healthy living and you’ll enjoy hearing him talk about this subject he is obviously head-over-heels about. ENJOY!


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