DiabeVita: Dr. Helen Hilts Brings Low-Carb Diabetes Control To Arizona

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Dr. Helen Hilts uses low-carb at DiabeVita to treat diabetes

A diagnosis of diabetes for most people immediately conjures up thoughts of a slow, miserable death sentence. It can be quite upsetting for people who feel so helpless about what to do when they are branded with the “d” word, but as you and I well know this disease (specifically Type 2) can be controlled through the use of a deliberate carbohydrate-restricted nutritional plan. And while the American Diabetes Association (ADA) may not recognize this proven and effective way to control blood sugar and insulin levels, thankfully we have people in the medical profession who are treating patients with a low-carb diet. Today we have one such physician who is a strong personal proponent of livin’ la vida low-carb.

In Episode 303 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a Scottsdale, AZ-based family medicine physician named Dr. Helen Hilts who opened up a brand new diabetes clinic in August 2009 that uses low-carb diets to help patients called DiabeVita. Although she was a diabetes educator for many years, it wasn’t until her own personal diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes that she began doing serious research on any dietary means for treating this condition — and it led her to the work of the great low-carb diabetes champion Dr. Richard Bernstein.

Tune in to this half-hour podcast to hear Dr. Hilts discuss her personal story about how she got interested in the low-carb approach to treating diabetes, the impact of Dr. Bernstein on her, what she used to recommend to patients with diabetes, why the ADA refuses to recommend low-carb diets, sample menus that include “no roots, no fruit, no grains, no milk,” what the name DiabeVita means, why carbohydrate cravings are more difficult for diabetics to overcome than most, why total calories consumed are not as important as carb control, what is so misunderstood about Type 2 diabetes, and the tremendous example that both Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Mary C. Vernon have been to the development of her diabetes practice. It’s always encouraging to hear from yet another doctor who gets it and I hope you will spread the word to your friends in Arizona who could stand to benefit from the work of Dr. Hilts!

Click here to listen to my podcast interview with Dr. Helen Hilts and her new DiabeVita low-carb diabetes clinic.


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