‘Low Carb Tips For Diabetes Awareness Month’ That Are Anything But

Filed under: Health — @ November 20, 2009

What do Post cereals have to do with low-carb diets and diabetes?

Because my blog regularly addresses important health and nutrition issues related to a wide variety of subjects on such a regular basis, my e-mail box is filled with information from public relations companies galore all trying to get their message out there. Some represent non-profit organizations who are trying to increase awareness while others speak for companies who all try to give their angle of an issue to capitalize on it for marketing their business. I don’t have a problem with this practice except when it so laughably crosses the line of reality like what happened this week.

While most of these kind of e-mails almost immediately end up in File 13 as quickly as I receive them, one stuck out to me because of the subject line: Low Carb Tips for Diabetes Awareness Month. Oh, now this is interesting! I’ve actually received some good messages from this same PR company before, so I decided to read on. As I perused the press release, I literally could not believe what I was reading.

Click here to see how a public relations company representing Post cereal recklessly attempted to promote their high-carb products to people with diabetes.


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