Dr. Duane Graveline Is Bucking The Trend Of A Statin-Happy Society

Filed under: Health — @ November 25, 2009

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Former NASA astronaut and physician Dr. Duane Graveline takes on statins

You can’t flip through the television channels these days without seeing advertisement after advertisement for cholesterol-lowering statin medications like Lipitor and Crestor. We’ve been fully convinced collectively as a society that walking around with high cholesterol levels is extremely dangerous to our heart health and that getting those numbers lower is tantamount to protecting yourself against a heart attack. But how many people are taking these prescription drugs without even realizing the probable negative impact it is having on their health? Today’s podcast interview guest knows all-too-well both personally and as a medical doctor the damaging effects of taking a statin.

In Episode 308 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from former NASA astronaut and physician Dr. Duane Graveline who has written a series of revealing books on the harmfulness of statin drugs. He has one of the most compelling stories you’ll ever hear about the reaction to taking statin drugs all in an effort to lower his cholesterol. Dr. Graveline has dedicated the past decade of his life to exposing the statin health nightmare.

Listen to Dr. Graveline discuss his personal diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia which forced him to begin taking Lipitor, the sudden development of a condition known as transient global amnesia, the devastating memory impact statins had on him, why statin drugs work, the purpose of a reductase inhibitor found in statin drugs and why it is so dangerous to cognitive health, the list of permanent ailments that result from statin use, the CoQ10-depleting properties of statins, the vitamin cure for inflammation, the vital work of glycoproteins, stories of how statin drugs have led to depression, mental illness, homocides, and suicides, why the lack of the right kind of omega-6 fatty acids is just as important as omega-3, how you can prove statins are causing damage, the reluctance by the FDA to report statin drug side effects, why drug companies aren’t putting CoQ10 in statins, and why the pharmaceutical industry has such a stranglehold on the truth about statins.

Click here to listen if you or someone you know is taking a cholesterol-lowering statin medication like Lipitor, Crestor, or Zocor, among others so you can hear the TRUTH about what these risky pills are doing PERMANENTLY to those who are taking them under the guise of getting healthier.


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