Jimmy Moore To Appear On CNBC-TV’s Diabetes Show dLife

Filed under: Health — @ December 16, 2009

The half-hour dLife program airs on Sunday nights at 7:00PM ET

Right now I am staying in a hotel in Connecticut waiting for something pretty exciting to happen on Wednesday. Last week I was contacted by the CNBC television program called dLife to appear on the show as an interview guest to talk about my new book 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb. Cool! This opportunity just came completely out of the blue and I’m grateful for the chance to share how healthy low-carb living changed my life.

I was a little surprised a diabetes-focused TV show would be interested in hearing someone who is not diabetic, but this is something I am passionate about sharing with people suffering from diabetes. Carb control is the key to combatting this disease and I intend to make that point loud and clear during the interview. Although dLife isn’t explicitly supportive of livin’ la vida low-carb, their willingness to allow a message that runs counter to conventional wisdom to be shared is admirable.

Here’s what they said about why they invited me to appear on their show:

“While every story is unique, we believe your story and book will be informative and inspirational to our audience.”

A producer for the show called me on Friday and conducted a 45-minute pre-interview to get a gauge for how I would answer the questions that will be posed to me. He said I would be interviewed by a female physician who is no fan of low-carb diets and that the final segment would be about three minutes long. I’m sure they’ll shoot 15-20 minutes and whittle it down. I can’t wait, although television goes by super-fast! Wish me luck.

I’ll get back home to South Carolina on Wednesday night and I’ll give you more details about when to watch. Thanks for supporting the work I am doing on behalf of the healthy low-carb lifestyle. We ARE making a REAL difference.


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