Got Weight Gain? Get Going With What You Know Will Work For You!

Filed under: Health — @ December 29, 2009

Weight gain should be your call to action, not your downfall

We have now officially made it through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays yet again and how many people are willing to stand up and say they stuck to their low-carb lifestyle 100 percent every step of the way? Anyone? Well, I know some have and I congratulate them for their persistence in their healthy lifestyle change. It is certainly a place where many people would like to be.

But for others, maybe you’ve added on to the weight gain you had prior to the past couple of months and you’ve decided the time is right to do something about it. Welcome to the next chapter in your journey to better health and I hope to offer education, encouragement, and inspiration to you as you begin this great adventure! It’s not always gonna be a smooth ride, but you’ll never regret going down this path for yourself.

When you’ve been livin’ la vida low-carb for quite a few years and lost a significant amount of weight like I did in 2004 shedding 180 pounds, people often wonder if your body weight just magically stays the same year after year without any fluctuations at all. Oh, don’t I wish it worked that way! The reality is that even when you are doing everything you know to be “right” that helped you lose the weight to begin with, sometimes the weight will begin to creep back on again ever-so-slowly. It’s not a sudden thing just as weight gain doesn’t happen overnight.

But what if you seem to be doing everything right and there’s no weight loss? Or even worse — WEIGHT GAIN! Is it the end of the world? Do you just pack up your efforts towards living a healthy lifestyle and say the heck with it all? It can certainly feel that way at times and I can personally attest to the frustration that comes with gaining back some weight.

Click here to learn how a 50-pound weight gain over the past two years is not discouraging me from trying to lose weight and why you should be encouraged in your own low-carb weight loss efforts.


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