The American Heart Association Scorns Low-Carb, But It Will Be Very Relevant For Health This Decade

Filed under: Health — @ January 2, 2010

The constant weeping and gnashing of teeth over low-carb has been futile

Nearly ten years ago, the American Heart Association (AHA), one of the leading health advocacy groups in the United States, released an infamous advisory paper warning unsuspecting and none-the-wiser people about the alleged dangers to their health of going on a low-carb diet. It was met with great fanfare and raucous cheering from all those so-called health “experts” who have long believed the “high-protein” (actually, most controlled-carb diets are more accurately described as “high-fat” and “moderate-protein”) low-carb diets will lead to the destruction of the health of millions of Americans. They booed and hissed and booed and hissed some more attempting as hard as they possibly could to discourage people from following a healthy carbohydrate-restricted lifestyle change.

One decade later, the truth about livin’ la vida low-carb remains intact: people are losing tons of weight, but, more importantly, they are coming off of prescription medications they’ve taken for years, feeling and looking better than they ever have in their entire life, significantly lowering their chance of ever having a cardiovascular event, controlling their blood sugar and insulin levels especially for those with Type 2 diabetes, preventing predictable neurological diseases and cancers from happening, and realizing just how bamboozled they have been for far too many years believing in the low-fat lie. It’s as if people who have successfully transitioned themselves from being morbidly obese and decidedly unhealthy into a more normal weight and in stellar health on a low-carb lifestyle don’t even exist anymore. POOF, we’ve just disappeared!

But I’m here to tell you — WE’RE STILL HERE and we’re not going away!

Click here to find out why all the so-called health “experts” have been dead wrong about low-carb living and why this amazing way of eating is even more relevant in 2010 than ever before!


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