Shane Doll Says You Need To Mix Low-Carb And Exercise For Fat Loss

Filed under: Health — @ January 3, 2010

South Carolina-based fitness expert Shane Doll from Shaping Concepts

Talk to any personal trainers or fitness gurus in your typical gym about nutrition and most of them will tell you to load up on the carbohydrates both before and after working out. They might think they know best about diet because everyone seems to be recommending the same thing. But not all trainers are stuck on the high-carb mantra for building muscle and getting into shape. Today’s podcast interview guest is one such personal trainer who embraces the concepts of carbohydrate-restriction in conjunction with a healthy fitness routine.

In Episode 318 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from certified personal trainer Shane Doll who founded Shaping Concepts in 2004. As a former collegiate football player, Shane has always been extremely interested in the subject of fitness and health which has motivated him to do what he does today. He is a regular writer and speaker about exercise, diet, and health in various publications as well as on television. You’ll enjoy the enthusiasm in his voice for this subject matter.

Listen to Shane Doll discuss why he started Shaping Concepts in South Carolina, why people tend to fail over and over again at weight loss, the mental and emotional side of weight loss, how you get first-time exercisers excited about it, why just 30 minutes is all the time you need to invest in a workout session, your individualized fat-loss range for caloric intake, why excessive carbohydrate is destroying our weight and health, why grains are irrelevant, the hormonal connection that requires a customized diet and fitness plan, food label deceptions, why all “healthy” foods aren’t necessarily good for you, the common myths about fitness and fat loss, why it is important to reset the erroneous thinking about fat loss, what it takes to get a flat stomach, the cardiovascular routines that tap into stored fat the best, what “functional training” is, whether he provides training to clients outside of South Carolina, and who his nutritional and fitness heroes are.

Click here to listen to this dynamic interview with Shane Doll!


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