Best Of 2009 ‘Encore Week’ Low-Carb Podcast Interview With Julia Ross

Filed under: Health — @ January 7, 2010

Your #1 favorite 2009 podcast interview guest Julia Ross is back again

It’s been a fantastic “Encore Week” so far and so many of you have shared how much you’ve enjoyed hearing from your favorite podcast interview guests from 2009. All this week we have brand new interview with these experts and they’re answering specific questions for them by the listeners of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore”. We have already heard from Dr. Richard Bernstein and Mark Sisson so far…and today we have the most-requested podcast interview guest of the year and you’ll soon find out why!

In Episode 321 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to welcome back to the show Julia Ross, author of The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure, who understands the abundant relationship between a low-carb lifestyle change and improving both mood and health. She says appetite and cravings can be controlled with the use of controlled carbohydrate nutrition and the proper supplementation without any struggle by restoring the brain chemistry they were meant to have. Julia is a big believer in being able to “shut off” the cravings and kick the carbs. Don’t miss my June 2009 interview with Julia Ross that earned her a visit back to the podcast for “Encore Week!”

Listen to Julia Ross talk about her excitement over her The Mood Cure book getting published in Germany, why circumstances aren’t as important as diet on mood, how stress-coping chemicals in the brain get depleted, what she thinks about the studies showing low-carb makes mood worse, how she can demolish a Snickers bar craving within five minutes, why filling out a quick questionnaire can help you determine which supplements you need to take, why refined carbohydrates/sugar is more addictive than cocaine, why men have an easier time controlling appetite, how you can tell if you are adrenally fatigued, the problem with taking supplements without having a reason to, what she thinks about Codex Alimentarius, why intermittent fasting is NOT recommended for people with poor weight and health issues, why protein at every meal is essential, how low-calorie diets lead to eating disorders, whether the 2010 Dietary Guidelines will acknowledge low-carb nutrition, what “good” carbs people should be eating, why potatoes are a healthy food to consume, why 5-HTP is necessary for some people, how people can get trained to do what she does, and why L-glutamine is an outstanding way to turn your low blood sugar carb cravings off.

Click here to learn so much from what Julia has to share and I’m pleased to bring her back to you again for this special “Encore Week” podcast episode.


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