Best Of 2009 ‘Encore Week’ Low-Carb Podcast Interview With Sally Fallon

Filed under: Health — @ January 9, 2010

You had more questions for Sally Fallon than anyone for “Encore Week”

We’re winding down with “Encore Week,” but we’re not quite done yet. This has been a sensational week of low-carb podcasting feature brand new interviews with your favorite interview guests for all of 2009. When you voted for the interviews you enjoyed the most, I asked you to submit follow-up questions for them as well. And you came through with some really fantastic ones for all five of these guests. You’ve been able to hear from Dr. Richard Bernstein, Mark Sisson, and Julia Ross as part of “Encore Week” and today we have our fourth new interview with the best guests from last year and I’m thrilled to bring it to you today.

In Episode 322 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back Sally Fallon from The Weston A. Price Foundation which recently upgraded their web site to make the information about traditional diets more user-friendly and accessible. I received more questions for Sally Fallon than any other “Encore Week” guest and I’m pleased to be able to share her always-interesting responses with you today. Be sure to check out her book Nourishing Traditions as well as her Campaign For Real (Raw) Milk web site to follow along with the discussion.

Listen to Sally Fallon talk about the new update to the Weston A. Price Foundation web site, what her fitness routine is like, the myth that exercise was a major part of traditional man, what the top five nourishing foods are, the reason she is helping prisoners in Illinois get quality foods instead of soy, what the real deal on the effect of soy on health, the raw milk revolution that is happening across America, why she predicts pasteurized milk will be extinct within twenty years, why she promotes carbohydrate-rich foods, why soaking carbohydrates may lessen the glycemic impact on blood sugars, whether she has Celiac disease, any new recipes or cooking techniques she has discovered, her plans to release another traditional diets cookbook in 2012, how the work she is doing will change the way we do health in the future, why modern diets lead to infertility and premature death, why a famous athlete consuming a traditional diet could make the strongest impact on our culture about health, what she thinks about vegetarians like Dr. Joel Fuhrman who promotes a vegetarian diet for health, and whether a traditional diet is even possible in the 21st Century.

Click here to hear this delightful advocate of traditional diets.


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