Instead Of ‘Meatless Monday’, How About We Celebrate ‘Meat-Filled Monday’?

Filed under: Health — @ January 19, 2010

Instead of “Meatless Monday,” I’m celebrating “Meat-Filled Monday”

The depths taken by those who promote a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle to push their nutritional beliefs on our culture never ceases to amaze me. What’s most amazing about this movement is how the campaign against meat consumption isn’t even subtle anymore (like requiring higher health insurance premiums for meat consumers, engaging in periodic “Meatout” events, and accusing meat eaters of “cannibalism”) — they just put it out there blatantly as if shunning healthy animal-based foods is somehow natural, normal, and necessary. While I don’t have an issue with someone giving up meat for whatever their personal reasons, demanding that others join them in this endeavor lest they be deemed somehow less caring about animals or the environment is utterly reprehensible. That’s what makes the emerging concept of “Meatless Monday” so particularly insidious.

Click here to read about this campaign which has already been adopted by a public school system and my proposed “Meat-Filled Monday” alternative.


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