Isabel De Los Rios Offers A Whole Foods ‘Diet Solution’ Plan For Managing Weight And Health

Filed under: Podcast — @ January 19, 2010

Isabel De Los Rios serves up her healthy low-carb, high-fat program

I’ve been noticing something remarkable happening while surfing around YouTube lately that has me excited about the future of healthy living in America. From people like Sean Croxton to Shane Ellison to Andrea Albright, there’s been an obvious infusion of young, talented, and extremely knowledgeable proponents of the truth behind nutrition, fitness and health. Today’s podcast interview guest is yet another one of these articulate and passionate defenders of the proper way of eating who I found on YouTube.

In Episode 326 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from New Jersey-based Isabel De Los Rios who created The Diet Solution Program following her remarkable weight loss success which motivated her to transform not just her own life but the lives of others she comes into contact with. I found Isabel’s Diet Solution YouTube channel late last year and was impressed with what she says about saturated fat, carbohydrates, and omega-3′s, for example. She’s most definitely on the right side of the issues concern living a healthy lifestyle.

Listen to Isabel De Los Rios discuss who her fitness and nutritional heroes are, the most egregious ingredients in so-called “healthy” foods, why 100% pure stevia is best for sweetening, how “The Diet Solution” was created, the kind of foods you get to consume on her plan, why she believes the low-fat diet is still viewed as “healthy,” what is good about consuming dietary fat, why calorie-counting isn’t really necessary, the benefits of consuming organic, pastured, and grass-fed foods, why drinking pasteurized milk doesn’t make sense, the differences between her plan and Atkins (I was able to share what the REAL Atkins diet is about compared to what she thought it was), the horrible products that are purported to be low-carb, the rightful role of exercise in weight and health management, how to eat well when you are a vegetarian or vegan without overloading on carbohydrates, the health benefits of consuming meat, how pregnant women should be eating for a healthy baby, why children should be eating real whole foods compared with packaged garbage foods, and how her plan is perfect for people suffering from diabetes.


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