Saturated Fat Was Put On Trial And Declared NOT GUILTY!

Filed under: Study — @ January 22, 2010

After long being blamed for poor health, is saturated fat actually harmless?

I have long contended that the final barrier to public acceptance of the healthy high-fat, low-carb nutritional approach is the subject of saturated fat. No thanks to the methodical efforts of the late physiologist Ancel Keys and his now-infamous “Seven Countries Study” a half-century ago that concluded higher saturated fat consumption leads to increased levels of cholesterol and thus a greater occurrence of heart disease (aka “The Lipid Hypothesis”), we now have a population full of people who are absolutely scared out of their wits to eat any fat at all and especially saturated fat which is usually lumped together with trans fat as part of the “bad fats.” But as bestselling author and science journalist Gary Taubes so brilliantly outlined in his book Good Calories, Bad Calories, the data supporting Keys’ claims was severely flawed and he made some rather misleading conclusions as a result.

When you see so many well-known health groups full of so-called health “experts” out there all engaged in such blatant groupthink on one particular subject like saturated fat declaring it GUILTY when it comes to health, then it should lead you to one of two conclusions: 1) they must all be exactly right and thus agree with each other, or 2) they have always believed it to be true and just accept it as such without further investigation. The missing element in this is an honest scientific look at the actual evidence and drawing reasonable conclusions from that data. Up until now, the research in opposition to the supposed negative role of saturated fat in heart disease has been virtually ignored. But not anymore!

Click here to read about a new meta-analysis study that declares the much-demonized saturated fat as NOT GUILTY for heart disease, heart attacks, or strokes!


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