Google Adsense Tells Low-Carb Doctor Blog It ‘Posed A Significant Risk’

Filed under: Health — @ January 30, 2010

Did Google Adwords ban Dr. James Carlson for his low-carb promotion?

As more and more people begin turning to the Internet for useful online information about their health, a popular way for bloggers to bring in a little extra money is through affiliate programs. One of the most predominant ones out there has got to be Google AdSense. The advertisers aren’t exactly for the best products in the world related to diet and health. Even still, every little bit helps and most of the low-carb diet and health bloggers I know use Google ads.

One such blogger who I love and respect for what he is doing to spread the healthy low-carb message is Dr. James E. Carlson, author of the fabulous low-carb book Genocide: How Your Doctor’s Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You. As with any rising star in an important movement, there are those who look to stand in the way of their progress and surprisingly this time around it’s an unexpected one for Dr. Carlson — Google! Shocking, but true.

Click here to find out why Google said Dr. James Carlson’s account “posed a significant risk” to possibly “financially damage” their clients which led them to permanently “disable” his account without question. You’ll never believe this one!


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