Carnie Wilson On Dr. Oz, Rich Vos Offering Paleo Nutrition Counseling, And Steve Siebold’s Mental Toughness Diet

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Carnie Wilson getting weight loss help from “The Dr. Oz Show”

One of the most famous people who has made headlines over the years because of her struggles to get her weight under control has got to be 41-year old singer Carnie Wilson (from the early 1990′s music group Wilson Phillips and daughter of The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson). After experiencing a phenomenal weight loss thanks to gastric bypass surgery, Carnie has since become pregnant and struggled to get her weight back down again. She currently stars in a new reality television show and asked Dr. Mehmet Oz to help her in this quest to shed the pounds again. Producers from The Dr. Oz Show contacted me last week about participating in a conference call with Carnie and I was able to ask her a question about trying a low-carb nutritional approach. Tune in to the beginning of today’s episode of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” to hear her response to my question.

Rich Vos says he can produce “results typical” with his nutrition counseling

Don’t you hate it when you see all of these television ads promoting the next great diet for producing amazing weight loss success, but then they throw in a crazy CYA legal disclaimer that states “results NOT typical.” I have to laugh every time I see that because I’d be ashamed to boast of producing success and then telling people that they shouldn’t expect to get these same kind of results. Enter Rich Vos who created a nutritional counseling web site called Results Typical. Hear him share in my brief mini-interview with him today how a low-carb/Paleo dietary change can produce some pretty powerful results. Set up a consultation with Rich by calling him at (859) 814-7954 or via e-mail at We appreciate his support of this podcast along with our friends at LO-CARB U!

Motivational speaker Steve Siebold offers up diet encouragement

So you wanna some weight, huh? It’s all just mind over matter, finding a sense of stick-tuitiveness to reach your goals, and getting more mentally tough than you’ve ever been before. Have you heard any of this before? Riiiiiiiiight. Easier said that done. But today’s podcast interview guest notes that getting your mind in the right place and taking personal responsibility for your life is the foundation for making the required changes to produce permanent results.

In Episode 331 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from motivational speaker Steve Siebold, author Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People, who helps people dealing with obesity shift their thinking to produce incredible success. Hear Steve talk about how his semi-professional tennis background got him started in teaching mental toughness, how his own personal weight gain got him interested in the subject of weight loss, the 12-week mental toughness program he created to shed 40 pounds himself, the limited role of willpower in producing weight loss, the death threats he’s received because of his personal responsibility message for obesity, the special interests involved in the weight loss industry, the differences between the way fat people and fit people think, why he uses the term “fat” to get past the delusion of obesity, what his narrow definition of “fit” is, why doctors should tell their patients that they’re fat if they are, whether parents are to blame for the weight of their children, and why the idea of “big is beautiful” is a terrible thing.

Click here to listen and you’ll quickly find out that Steve isn’t afraid to speak his mind because he believes in the end that will serve people better.


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