Dr. William Yancy On His Latest Low-Carb Study, Dr. David Friedman Dishes On Chewable Vitamins

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A couple of weeks ago I shared with you about a low-carb vs. low-fat plus orlistat weight loss drug study from Dr. William Yancy from Duke University. The headlines all highlighted the blood pressure improvements found in the research, but the take-home message to me was that the low-carb nutritional approach was just as effective for weight loss and health improvements as the most powerful prescription medication on the market today. I wanted to have Dr. Yancy come on for a mini-interview to discuss this study that was published in the January 25, 2010 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. Hear him share about the various weight and health improvements seen by the study participants in each group, his frustration regarding the media coverage of his study, why poor adherence to the diet was not discarded in this study, why he used a ketogenic low-carb diet without calorie restriction, and what he hopes the take-home message of his research will be. Special thanks to Dr. Yancy for bringing us this quick update on the latest published low-carb study!

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Dr. David Friedman wanted to provide a chewable source of vitamins

A lot of us low-carbers take vitamins as part of our health regimen, but are they really being fully absorbed into our bodies? We’ve seen the pills, the liquid versions, and the like taken by millions of people seeking to be healthy. And yet does it really work? Are we getting all the nutrients absorbed into our bodies that we should be? Today’s podcast interview guest certainly doesn’t think so and he’s here today to share about a product he has helped develop that solves the problems associated with traditional vitamins.

In Episode 332 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from entrepreneur and chiropractor Dr. David Friedman who founded a company called Chews4Health. He compares how vitamin pills were like the cassette tape, liquid vitamins were like the CD, and chewable vitamins are like an MP3. Hear Dr. Friedman share about what is happening with pills when they are improperly digested by the body, the difference between synthetic nutrients and whole foods, why manmade vitamin C causes cell damage, the super-fruit complex, sea vegetable blend, super antioxidant mix including alpha lipoic acid, and fruit blend used in Chews4Health, and why this product should be handled just like you would a fruit or vegetable.

Click here to listen to my compelling conversations with both Dr. William Yancy and Dr. David Friedman.


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