Are Acidic Low-Carb Foods Leading To Inflammation Of The Arteries?

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Preventing inflammation in the arteries is critical to your health

I often tell people I have the most intelligent-thinking readers in the entire blogosphere as it relates to nutrition and health because you are inquisitive, insightful, and constantly in search of discovering the truth about how our bodies and metabolisms work the way they do. If topics like weight loss and disease control were simple, then there’d be nothing to talk about. Thank goodness for you and me it’s NOT that easy and there are certain nuances that are worthy of further investigation. And these often make for outstanding conversations to begin right here in this forum.

One such subject came up recently in an e-mail from a very dedicated reader of my columns. She wanted to know about the role of acid in the blood being a leading cause of the arterial inflammation which more and more cardiologists are properly educating their patients is leading directly to atherosclerosis.

We already know that cutting down on inflammation is why you and I are eating a carbohydrate-restricted diet, but what about some of the low-carb foods we consume that make our blood more acidic? Are these actually sabotaging our efforts by undermining the positive benefits of livin’ la vida low-carb due to my reader’s theory about acidic blood leading to arterial inflammation that causes heart health problems down the road?

Click here to read her lengthy but logical theory along with some outstanding responses from some of the best and brightest low-carb health experts in the entire world.


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