Discover Why Lierre Keith Describes Vegetarianism And Veganism As A ‘Myth’

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Lierre Keith went from a diehard vegan to enthusiastic omnivore

Walk up to your average Joe on the street and ask him what the “healthy” way to eat is and he’ll likely tell you that it includes a diet full of lots of fruits and vegetables. You might even hear people respond that vegetarianism or being a meatless vegan is the optimal way to eat for your health, improve the environment, and show your care and concern for animals. We’ve heard these arguments made by the fundamental and radical end of the vegetarian movement, but are they valid? Today’s podcast interview guest knows firsthand how falling for the myth of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle can quite literally ruin your life.

In Episode 334 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a former 20-year vegan named Lierre Keith who has one of the most compelling stories of nutritional transformation you will ever hear in your life! After many years of devoting her entire life to being a bleeding heart vegan, she began a long journey of education and transformation in her own mind that the way she was living was the exact opposite of what she needed to be doing. Her passion today is in helping give hope and inspiration to those who are still caught up in the vegetarian lie and she outlines a compelling case in her book The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability. Her mission is to offer a non-threatening challenge to everything vegetarians and vegans thought they believed about their chosen way of eating.

Listen to Lierre Keith tell us about why she became a vegan to begin with, how veganism ruined her health and nearly killed her, the negative health impact of consuming soy, what it was that convinced her she was wrong about meat-eating, the positive concept of death that is involved in the making of all food including fruits and vegetables, what meat she ate to end her veganism, how the Weston A. Price Foundation taught her the proper kinds of foods to consume, the impact of Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions on her philosophical change of mind, her response to Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study book, why she decided to write her own book, the shortcomings of factory farming, how grains are destructive to the planet, why hunter-gatherers were the perfect picture of health, why those behind the Eco-Atkins movement are so misinformed about soy foods, and how the vegetarian/vegan community has responded to the message of her book.

Click here for one of the most fascinating conversations I’ve ever had in the more than three-year history of my podcast show! You owe it to yourself and every vegetarian and vegan you know to have them listen to this interview! It will be well worth the one-hour investment to hear it from start to finish.


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