Josef Brandenburg Corrects The Top 10 Low-Carb Fitness Myths

Filed under: Health — @ February 24, 2010


Low-carb exercise expert Josef Brandenburg correcting bad diet/fitness beliefs

There is a lot of misinformation about there about virtually every aspect of your diet and health, but thankfully there are people actively seeking to dispel the myths that pervade our cultural beliefs. It’s an uphill battle that smart journalists like Gary Taubes and Michael Pollan are trying to do for diet, but there are also some fantastic professionals in the fitness industry who get it about exercise, too. One such man is today’s podcast interview guest and he’s even a fan of the healthy low-carb lifestyle!

In Episode 335 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back to the podcast Washington, DC-based fitness expert Josef Brandenburg who has authored a brand new book entitled The Body You Want From A to Z – Real World Strategies To Get The Body You Want in the Time You Actually Have. Josef is dedicated to spreading the RIGHT information about the most annoying fitness myths out there which he shares with us in today’s show. Hear him talk about why doing crunches for building your abdominal muscles is stupid, the best way to strengthen your core, why low-carbers can build plenty of muscle, why there is no long-term danger for muscle growth on a low-carb diet, why working out hard doesn’t mean you need more carbs, why hours of cardio exercise is futile for weight loss, why bicep curls won’t give you bigger biceps, why being a certified personal trainer means nothing (see the photo of Josef’s dog who got certified as a trainer below), what’s wrong with the idea that fat people just don’t move around enough, why more exercise may not be better, why working specific muscle groups is dumb, and why he decided to write his new book.

Click here to discover there’s quite a bit to learn from today’s podcast! ENJOY!


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