Dr. Nancy Appleton: Sugar Is The Biggest Threat To Health In The World Today

Filed under: Health — @ February 28, 2010

Sugar-shunner Dr. Nancy Appleton dishes on America’s #1 addiction

What could be wrong with something as literally “sweet” and allegedly innocent as sugar? I mean, sugar gives your body energy, tastes good, and gives people a euphoric feeling when consuming it, right? So what could be wrong with consuming this? Well, if you ask today’s podcast interview guest who has been studying the negative health effects of sugar for many decades now, she’d say continuing to eat sugary foods is quite literally committing “suicide.”

In Episode 337 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are so privileged to have the amazing Dr. Nancy Appleton with us to share about her shocking new book entitled Suicide by Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction. For people who think nothing is wrong with eating sugar, this book will most definitely change your mind and could quite frankly change your life forever. Dr. Appleton is obviously very passionate about this topic as you will hear from her in today’s interview.

Hear her talk about her own personal health problems and frustrations with taking medications for various conditions, how simply removing sugar in her diet vastly improved her health almost immediately, why people are afraid of fat but not sugar, the recent change in nutritional policy regarding sugar at the American Heart Association, the startling rat studies of sugar, why starchy carbohydrates may not be bad when consumed with fat, the difference between glycemic index and glycemic load, 140+ reasons why sugar is ruining your health, the hard facts of soft drink consumption, the Third World influx of sugary soda pop, what sugar-infested foods people consume that they don’t ever realize, why food companies use grams to measure sugar in the foods, how HFCS invaded our food supply, why the sugars sold in health food stores are no better, the different terms for sugar, why agave nectar is horrible for you, the sugar deception in Ensure and Pediasure, what is wrong with maltodextrin, why companies lie about sugar in the products, what can parents do to keep their children from being addicted to sugar, the turning tide of health, why gastric bypass surgery is not the answer, what are healthy alternatives to sugar and why some people need to avoid all things that are “sweet” on the tongue, why fruit juice is just as bad for you as a sugary soda, some fantastic tips for being your sugar addiction, and whether you should give up sugar gradually or cold turkey.

Click here to listen to this podcast interview that is chock full of some truly outstanding information you WON’T want to miss.


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