Dr. Uffe Ravnskov: Stop Worrying About Saturated Fat And Cholesterol Harming You

Filed under: Health — @ March 4, 2010

Dr. Uffe Ravnskov argues the case for not fearing fat and cholesterol in our diet

Did you know that consuming dietary fat and cholesterol can actually be GOOD for you? If you say things like this to most medical or nutritional professionals, then they’ll look at you funny and label you a quack. But does the science support limiting saturated fat and lowering cholesterol in the body or increasing it? Today’s podcast interview guest presents compelling evidence to the latter to combat the conventional wisdom that unfortunately still dominates mainstream thought in health circles today.

In Episode 339 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are so thrilled to welcome the great Dr. Uffe Ravnskov from Sweden who has a fantastic new book called Fat And Cholesterol Are Good For You. One of the world’s leading cholesterol skeptics (and member of the international group THINCS), Dr. Ravnskov has been battling the hardline establishment for decades and is fully convinced based on his examination of the medical literature that the heart health/saturated fat/cholesterol theory is bunk. You’ll be hard pressed to think otherwise after listening to this living legend share his life’s work with us today.

Listen to Dr. Ravnskov talk about why he became so passionate about the subject of promoting the health benefits of fat and cholesterol, why a Finnish TV show burned his book on air, why saturated fat and high cholesterol are not harmful especially for women and the elderly, how eating dietary cholesterol has very little impact on blood cholesterol, why having low cholesterol levels lead to cancer, the benefits of having high LDL cholesterol, how to convince people to stop taking statin drugs to artificially lower cholesterol, why statin drug and margarine companies have gotten him banned from appearing on television, the explosion of low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) in his homeland of Sweden, the significant absence of evidence supporting the role of saturated fat in any health calamity, how to lower the number of small, dense, and dangerous LDL particles, how to silence your opponents regarding the healthful benefits of saturated fat and cholesterol, the blacklisting he has experienced with many of the medical journals, what the harmful effects of consuming excessive carbohydrate in the diet is, how Type 1 diabetics used to be treated with extremely low-carb diets prior to the discovery of insulin, what his favorite high-fat foods are, why he’s not a fanatic about getting grass-fed and pastured foods only, whether polyunsaturated fats should be limited or not, and what people can do to avoid a heart attack. It was such a privilege and honor for me to speak directly with one of the real experts on the front lines and cutting-edge of the health debate.

Click here to soak this one in for all it’s worth and listen to it several times if you still believe fat and cholesterol will harm you.


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