Lierre Keith Reacts To Being Pied, D-Action Brings Awareness To Vitamin D Deficiency

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Lierre Keith speaks out about the attack on her by radical vegans last weekend

All week long I’ve been sharing with you about a horrible cayenne pepper pie incident that took place at a bookfair in San Francisco, CA last weekend to The Vegetarian Myth author Lierre Keith (listen to my February 2010 podcast interview with her) as she was giving a talk. It was a despicable act ostensibly by three radical vegans who wanted to silence her from speaking out on the subject of vegetarianism and veganism. Upon hearing about this tragic event, I felt Lierre deserved to have her voice heard and so I requested an interview with her on Tuesday–just three days after the attack on her happened. The beginning of today’s podcast includes the entire 15-minute conversation with Lierre Keith (I posted the first half of the interview on YouTube where the radical vegans have been out in full force!) so you can hear exactly what happened and her special message for the perpetrators who did this to her (incidentally, all of them got away and the police have yet to catch them).

The silver lining in this terrible story is her awesome book has as of the date of this post shot up the sales charts at Amazon to #450 overall (and RISING!) in books (up from around #5000) and she’s made media appearances on CBS-5 in San Francisco, United Press International, and The San Francisco Chroniclefor example, sharing about what happened. Listen to Lierre discuss in my brief conversation with her today the outpouring of support she has received, the foreshadowing she got that something was gonna happen, her detailed first-person account of what happened, the shocking reaction of the people who were in the audience when this happened, her response to a compassionate vegan named TJ who was appalled by this crime against her, the impact this incident will have on her future speaking engagements, how to properly protest someone you disagree with (and it shouldn’t be “horizontal hostility”), the physical aftermath of this incident on her eyes and her ear (which got infected after the pie “gunk” got inside of her ear canal), and what message she wants to leave with the people who thought this criminal action was appropriate public discourse. What a brave woman Lierre Keith is for being willing to make herself vulnerable to such a physical assault and yet refuses to back down. YOU GO GIRL!

Susan Siljander shares about the latest research on Vitamin D

Vitamin D has become one of the most talked-about supplements (actually, it’s a hormone, but you know what I mean!) in recent years. And it’s all for good reason too–there’s lots of compelling evidence that most Americans are walking around with severely deficient Vitamin D levels leading to all sorts of health implications. In fact, Christine and I shared in a YouTube video last year about how her health was negatively impacted when her 25-HYDROXY D3 level came in at 9 ng/mL. After taking 10,000IU Vitamin D3 gelcaps from Sam’s club for all of 2009, Christine was able to raise her levels up to 52. WOO HOO! Today’s podcast interview guest is from a public health promotion organization dedicated to creating awareness about proper Vitamin D levels.

In Episode 341 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have Susan Siljander from Grassroots Health to talk about their project to spread the science behind Vitamin D called D-Action. It’s a sorely needed public advocacy web site that brings together the world’s most renowned scientists researching Vitamin D. Listen to Susan discuss the story behind why Grassroots Health was started, why the science behind Vitamin D has long been ignored until recent years, what physical ailments Vitamin D helps improve including cancer and chronic pain, what the proper amount of Vitamin D is, why sunshine and diet are inadequate for getting enough Vitamin D, the role of tanning beds in getting Vitamin D, the story behind how Vitamin D got into the milk, what’s too high a level of Vitamin D, what the goal of D-Action is, and how easy the Vitamin D service is to use.

Click here to learn why everybody needs to know what their D3 levels are and thanks to Grassroots Health it’s simpler than ever before!


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