Let James Hahn II Help You Beat Your Addiction To Sugar

Filed under: Health — @ March 26, 2010

SUBSCRIPTION VIP ACCESS TO THE PODCAST? I’ve recently had some requests from people who expressed an interest in listening to upcoming podcast interviews before they air through a special subscription pass or pay-per-interview format. I’m not real sure how to make this work yet, but I wanted to gauge the widespread interest in doing something like this. Basically, for an annual or one-time fee I would provide the raw audio of the interviews I have conducted but not yet aired available for VIP access. So, for example, if you wanted to hear my interview with Richard Nikoley scheduled to air on April 6, 2010, then you could do so right away. Again, I’m not quite sure how we’ll do this, but e-mail me at livinlowcarbman@charter.net if this is something that you would want to have made available. Please provide whether you’d like a special access subscription web site or pay-per-episode and how much you would want to pay for such access. THANKS GUYS!

ARCHIVED PODCASTS NOW ON ITUNES! After nearly a year of begging Apple to put up the older episodes of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” on iTunes, they are now listing a whole boatload of the interviews dating back to April 2009! WOO HOO! Regular listeners know we have been frustrated with iTunes only showing the last 9 episodes and as new ones were posted the older episodes would drop off. Now it’s showing all the latest interviews through last year (around 100 shows!) and we hope they will continue to post the backlist so you can access them right there on iTunes. Go check it out on iTunes and THANK YOU for supporting the #1 low-carb podcast!

Sugar addiction is a very serious issue that literally millions upon millions of people are dealing with. I’ve seen it personally in my own life dealing with morbid obesity prior to 2004 weighing in at 400+ pounds and it’s no fun at all giving all that up. But it can and MUST happen! It’s why I remain so passionate about sharing information on this subject to help others beat their sugar addiction, too. In fact, I’ll be doing a teleseminar with Connie Bennett from SUGAR SHOCK! next Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 8PM ET on this very subject. Today’s podcast interview guest has also changed his life by ditching the sugar in his diet and now he’s dedicated his life to educating and aiding others who desire to beat their sugar addiction, too!

In Episode 343 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to welcome Nutrition and Sugar Addiction Coach James Hahn II from the Slave2Freedom blog who tells us about his extraordinary story of defeating his lifelong love for all things sweet and the tremendous influence he’s having on others who struggle with beating their sugar demons. Listen to James talk about how his own personal weight struggle led him to deal with sugar addiction, the influence he has had on his family, what a certified personal coach does, the concept of the “food-mood” connection, the impact of a book called Potatoes Not Prozac has had on him, helping others find their own answer, why breakfast is so essential, the value of eating more often rather than less often, why your body needs some consistency with when you eat each day, why he eats a banana by itself as a snack, and the influence of his YouTube channel, and the Stop SUGAR SHOCK! ning group he’s a part of.

Click here to let James Hahn II help you beat your sugar addiction for good!


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