‘Tingling’ Tongue Syndrome Not A Result Of Low-Carb Diet

Filed under: Health,Low-carb side effects — @ March 30, 2010

I receive quite a bit of e-mail from people on a daily basis who have all sorts of questions about livin’ la vida low-carb. And it quite literally runs the gamut from how do you start on a low-carb diet to why have I “only” lost 10 pounds after two weeks to some really serious health concerns that people are worried their low-carb diet is either causing or exacerbating. I’ve seen it all and I happily answer every single one of these e-mails by responding myself or copying in any number of the low-carb expert friends I have had the privilege of interviewing on my podcast show. It’s a privilege to be able to serve my readers who have honest questions that they feel need to be addressed.

I wanted to provide an update on an e-mail that I blogged about in 2005 from a reader at the time who was experiencing a “tingling” sensation in her tongue claiming that it only happened when she was on the low-carb lifestyle. Honestly, I was perplexed at this one and could explain what was physically happening to her. What I did know at the time was that it didn’t seem plausible that eating a carbohydrate-restricted diet could lead to this kind of funky symptom, but I was still new to low-carb living myself at the time and didn’t know much else to tell her other than to throw it out to my readers to try to help her. I always wondered what happened to her and she contacted me back a few days ago with an update.

Click here to find out why her low-carb diet was not the source of the tingling sensation in her tongue and the surprising reason she was experiencing this.


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