Add Another Low-Carb Podcast To Your List: ‘Healthy Mind Fit Body’ By Wes Bertrand And Kevin Koskella

Filed under: Health — @ April 21, 2010

The influence of healthy low-carb nutrition on our culture continues to grow and grow thanks to the influence of blogs, books, and podcasts that real people listen to and allow to help them expand their knowledge and understanding of diet, health and fitness. When I started my blog in April 2005 and then my podcast in October 2006, the low-carb landscape was sorely lacking. Especially in the podcasting world, there wasn’t much if anything at all. Now we have people like Jon & Cathy Payne from “Our Natural Life” and Robb Wolf’s “The Paleolithic Solution” (who will be appearing on my podcast on May 24, 2010 about his upcoming new book) out there trumpeting the cause. Add to that list my two podcast interview guests today who have a fabulous low-carb podcast of their own.

In Episode 353 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Wes Bertrand and Kevin Koskella who team up as a healthy one-two punch at their “Healthy Mind Fit Body” blog and podcast. Listen to these guys share about how despite growing up as athletes they had to change their high-carb eating habits realizing it’s wrong, Kevin’s description of how he became “a skinny guy with a gut,” how The Zone diet was their introduction to low-carb living, Wes’ diabetes diagnosis in 1995, how they met each other and collaborated on a book, why they decided to write a book on fitness and health, why they believe low-carb is much less about diet and more about lifestyle change, why they decided to start a low-carb-focused podcast, what is preventing the low-carb truths from getting out there more, their knowledge of Dr. Richard Bernstein’s low-carb diabetes work, the breaking point of how we will get the low-carb message out there, the cultural impact of Gary Taubes’ Good Calories Bad Calories, why the U.S. Dietary Guidelines are so misguided, the impact of T. Colin Campbell’s China Study book on how people view healthy living, and the craziness of the various viewpoints people have about what healthy nutrition is.

Click here to listen in to find out why Wes and Kevin are so beloved by their podcast listeners for providing outstanding low-carb news you can use.


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