Got A Sleep Disorder? Maybe A Low-Carb Diet Could Help, Sleep Specialist Says

Filed under: Health — @ April 23, 2010

Most people who desire weight loss are already aware of their need to make some basic changes in their diet and exercise habits. These are elementary concepts for most people, but there are other areas that can directly impact your desire to shed the pounds. One of them is sleep and the various conditions and disorders that exist which could be preventing overweight and obese people from dropping weight. Today’s podcast interview guest is a sleep specialist who uses low-carb diets with patients to help them bring down the weight and get restful sleep.

In Episode 354 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from sleep expert and bariatric physician Dr. Terry M. Brown from the Murphysboro, IL-based Sleep Medicine Associates at St. Joseph Memorial Hospital to share about the interconnection between sleep and obesity–and it’s a lot more related than you might think! Listen to him discuss his “accidental” foray into studying sleep, why he uses low-carb diets with his patients, why cheese is his preferred food for low-carb dieters, what is wrong with low-fat diets, why dietary fat is necessary for proper neurological function, his slight concerns over possible kidney disease on low-carb diets, a Cornell study on eating habits and calories, how low-carb has personally helped him lose body fat, his “limited supper” concept, the most common sleep disorders people deal with, how CPAP helps improve insulin resistance, the engorged fat cell connection to insomnia, whether low-carb diets lead to vivid dreams, the “nocturnal eating disorder” where someone eats in the middle of the night and not remember it, why people crave carbohydrates instead of protein and fat, what supplements are great for sleep, the negative impact of light on the sleep cycle, the connection between a lack of sleep and weight gain, and whether he’s working on any studies looking at low-carb diets and sleep.

Click here to see that Dr. Terry Brown is quite articulate and reasonable in the way he presents his ideas and is easy to listen to. ENJOY!


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