My Latest ‘Light Bulb’ Moment That Has Changed My Diet And Life Forever

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These past two months have been quite the experience for me as some major transitions have been taking place in my thinking about food, why I eat the way I do, and whether I am maximizing my low-carb nutritional plan to the fullest. If you’ve been following my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Menus” blog recently, then you’ve been reading all about these exciting mental and physical transformations happening to me and I sincerely hope it has inspired others in their own health journey to take a closer look at themselves.

I’ve been off of diet soda for the first time in six years for over 40 days and counting. This is immensely significant as I had transitioned from my 16-can-a-day Coca-Cola habit prior to my low-carb lifestyle to an 8-can-a-day diet soda addiction. I never bought into the idea previously that I was causing any harm to my body consuming a calorie-free beverage, but I only recently realized that my drinking was more of a habit than a desire to quench my thirst. Aided by my dedication to a very high-fat, moderate protein, very low-carb nutritional approach consisting of the best fresh, local foods I can purchase, I’ve been able to shed nearly 30 pounds. But more importantly, I’m no longer craving diet soda or anything artificially sweetened in my menus. POOF! The desire is completely gone for me.

Today I wrote a commentary in my menus blog that I wanted to make sure would be read by as many people as I could possibly reach because this is a message too important to be missed for any who desires weight loss, being healthy, and living the life they always dreamed of having. The following is a reprint of those words that hopefully will be my heart cry for many years to come:

I’m excited about the progress of my recent focus on consuming the highest quality of real, whole foods I can find. It’s still not a perfect diet, but it’s a whole heckuva lot better one that I was eating the past six years and certainly light years ahead of the Standard American Diet (SAD) I was consuming prior to 2004 as a 400-pound behemoth of a man. But I don’t regret the transition it took for me to go from that morbidly obese state into the smaller size I am now. Some people scoff at the notion that you do things like add artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, substitute favorite high-carb foods with low-carb alternatives, etc. because they say it feeds your addiction to carbohydrates. But I disagree.

My personal experience has shown me that those things are an outstanding way to NOT feel deprived while you are transitioning from eating crappy to eating healthier. When I was 410 pounds, I literally didn’t care about what I put in my mouth because it didn’t seem to matter inside my head. But when I turned to the Atkins diet to help me take the weight off (and subsequently get my health in line), all of a sudden my mind did a complete 180 and I suddenly became acutely aware of everything I was putting inside my body. It was as if a light switch was turned on and instantly I could see the fallacy of my old eating habits. It was an awakening of sorts that helped me become highly successful in my weight loss efforts and why you know who I am today.

In March 2010, the next phase of my journey took hold and a newfound awakening happened allowing the light to be turned on about the foods I added to my low-carb lifestyle over the past five years and I could see it was filled with a lot of junk. As much as I loved regularly consuming my beloved diet soda, sugar-free chocolate, low-carb pasta, low-carb ice cream, and all the other replacement foods that made low-carb enjoyable for me the past six years, those foods are not what we were intended to be consuming as the mainstay of our low-carb diet–EVER! I know, I know…I’ve been one of the leading low-carb junk food junkies for a long time and I’m here to say nobody should be eating these things ALL THE TIME. Perhaps once in a while it’s not a big deal but several times a week or every single day? Not appropriate if you are attempting to be as healthy as possible.

With the light shining brightly on this aspect of my low-carb life, I couldn’t help but change my habits. They had become somewhat sloppy again albeit with low-carb foods instead. So doing my eggfest a couple of months ago started a new transition for me away from relying on things like diet soda and all the other sugar-free, low-carb stuff that I had introduced into my life and towards fine-tuning my diet to prefer grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, grass-fed butter, quality cheeses, a few natural spices, some green leafy veggies, and water instead. Unless you’ve been through this journey yourself, you can’t imagine how incredible it feels to make this kind of switch. It’s monumental for me and I’m still in the midst of making it take hold in my life so that I can benefit both my weight and my health. The weight loss started fast and has slowed down, but that doesn’t matter to me as much as allowing the good habits to take hold and stay there for life. That’s my pursuit.

The argument could be made to just go all the way with your diet changes and more power to ya if you can pull that off. But I know for Jimmy Moore and others out there that this is a process that we all need to determine the perfect timing for us. Rushing into it too soon will only lead to discouragement and ultimate failure with discontentment about the process leading right back to poor dietary habits again. Although it is possible to make these changes later than need be, it’s a whole lot better to be late than never. Yes, I’m probably late transitioning to the next phase in my lifestyle change, but I think the time has taught me what is right and what is wrong. I’ll never claim that I have arrived and anyone who does has a rude awakening coming someday. But what I am is aware. Aware of my surroundings, aware of what’s best for me at this moment in my life, aware that I hold the power to change and am making that change happen. The time is now for me. How about you?

Follow my continuing real, whole foods progress each day at my low-carb menus blog to see if these newfound changes take permanent root in my life. I believe they will and I’ll be reaping the benefits of it for many years to come! Only YOU know when your “light bulb” moment will happen and I encourage you to be ready for it when it happens.


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