Health Insurance Assessment Survey Results Lambastes Low-Carb Dieters

Filed under: Health — @ May 11, 2010

The primary reason that so many of us start eating low-carb is to do something positive and good for our weight and health. We realized for ourselves after years of frustration attempting to eat the way we’ve always been told is “good” for us that it was simply an exercise in futility until low-carb living came into our lives and radically changed it forever for the better. It’s so amazing how much better you feel eating a high-fat, adequate protein, low-carb nutritional approach and nobody will ever convince you that eating any other way is what is right for you. But that doesn’t stop health insurance companies from attempting to guilt-trip you into thinking you are harming, not helping yourself by livin’ la vida low-carb.

One of my readers sent me an e-mail a couple of months ago sharing the results of an online health assessment survey that helps to determine the health insurance rates for his family. He and his wife have been eating a high-fat, very low-carb diet for the past year and have seen “great blood lipids” as a result–higher HDL “good” cholesterol, lower triglycerides, and higher large, fluffy LDL particles. But he says it’s been “frustrating” trying to convince his health insurance company that these results are beneficial to his overall health.

Click here to see why the health insurance company claims “an early warning bell is going off” for people eating low-carb.


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