Dan Hurley’s ‘Diabetes Rising’ Provides Solutions But Not The Low-Carb One

Filed under: Health — @ May 14, 2010

Diabetes has quite literally become an international epidemic in 21st Century society. The rate of diabetes growth has continued to rise and rise as blood sugar disorders have become much more common than ever before. We need people to come up with solutions to this monster disease and today’s podcast interview guest has attempted to do just that.

In Episode 360 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from medical journalist and Type 1 diabetic Dan Hurley who has penned a fantastic, thought-provoking new book on the subject of diabetes called Diabetes Rising: How a Rare Disease Became a Modern Pandemic, and What to Do About It. With a title like that, you’d think that the low-carbohydrate nutritional connection to diabetes would play some role in the solution. But there are exactly TWO references to low-carb (one noting the Atkins diet and another talking about what low-carb diets are). That’s it! I was concerned that this oversight would lead people to believe carbohydrate restriction plays virtually zero role in treating diabetes which is why I wanted him to appear on my podcast.

Listen to Dan Hurley discuss why diabetes is such a personal issue for him, why he did not include the great low-carb work of Dr. Richard Bernstein in his book, how the change in dietary recommendations in the 1970s negatively impacted diabetes rates, the ramifications of the discovery of insulin, why the low-carb diabetes treatment was rejected after insulin came, how to get through to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), why controlling diabetes is impossible without carbohydrate restriction, whether the work of Dr. Mary C. Vernon was included in the book, why Type 3 diabetes (Alzheimer’s disease) was omitted from the book, reasons why Type 1 diabetes is on the rise, how playing in the dirt can actually prevent diabetes, the negative impact of persistent organic pollutant chemicals and pesticides that enter our food stream, why there wasn’t a more explicit examination of carbohydrate-restriction as a solution in his book despite his belief it is the best diabetes diet, and his belief that people won’t follow a low-carb diet because we’re surrounded by cheap carbs.


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