Connie Leas’ ‘Fat: It’s Not What You Think’ Takes The Fear Away From Fat

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Fat is arguably one of the most misunderstood macronutrients of the three (protein and carbohydrate being the other two). We’ve long been taught to fear it despite the fact there is no scientific evidence to back up this up. Lipophobia runs rampant in the United States and sadly it gets perpetrated by the so-called health experts posing as dietitians, physicians, personal trainers, diabetes care specialists, and the health media. That’s why we need people who can articulate why dietary fat and cholesterol is not only safe, but actually HEALTHY for you. Today’s podcast interview guest educated herself about fats and decided to write a book about what she found out in her investigation.

In Episode 361 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to welcome technical writer Connie Leas who wrote a book called Fat: It’s Not What You Think. After becoming interested in helping people understand the difference between fats, Connie started doing serious research on this subject reading the work of Dr. Mary Enig, Gary Taubes, and The Weston A. Price Foundation and her eyes were opened to a whole new world of truth about what we’ve been told about saturated fat, cholesterol, and their impact on health. What she found in her research angered her that we’ve been told by people who should know better to lower our fat and increase our carbohydrate consumption while obesity and diabetes has continued to skyrocket.

Listen to Connie Leas share with us about her technical writing career, how she got interested in writing a book about the science of fat, how her research for her book fueled a passion in her to get the word out about what she learned even more, why all fats are mixtures of several kinds of fats and nothing is pure saturated fat, why obesity discrimination is unfortunate because some have genetic disadvantages to lose weight, her theory that the fear of fat has led to greater obesity because of the addition of carbohydrate to the diet, her experience on the Ornish and then the Atkins diet, the statin drug/cholesterol debacle, the definition of fat and how it functions in the body, a biological reason why people struggle to get weight off (homeostasis), and so much more! Connie is such a sweet lady and she’s done a fantastic job with this primer on the subject of fat. READ THE BOOK!

Click here to listen to this awesome podcast interview supporting fat consumption for healthy living.


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