Do The Chicago Blackhawks Owe Their NHL Stanley Cup Run To High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation?

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As much of a sports fan as I am, I gotta admit professional hockey is not something I’m all that into. The National Hockey League (NHL) just hasn’t appealed to me since Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Brett Hull retired from the game many moons ago (yes, I’m showing my age with those names). I’m sure if I gave these new guys a chance to show me their skills I’d enjoy it but I barely have enough time to watch the NFL, NBA, and Major League baseball along with the occasional PGA Tour Golf and even professional tennis during major tournaments like Wimbledon (told ya I loved sports!).

But I’d never even heard of Jonathan Toews, Antti Niemi, Duncan Keith, or Dustin Byfuglien from the Chicago Blackhawks team that just earned a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals after sweeping the San Jose Sharks out of the playoffs. I’m always impressed by underdog stories of teams that have been down rising from the ashes to gain worldwide attention for their improvement. It gives people watching at home that there is hope for them to do the same in their life (like losing weight or reaching some other tangible goal) and that’s what makes sports so much fun to watch. I’ll admit it’s been quite an impressive run for this unlikely Blackhawks team to reach the elite status in their league after several years of lackluster performances from its players and team.

So what has been the difference? Would you believe it could possibly be tied to Vitamin D? Yep! That same Vitamin D that Susan Siljander from GrassrootsHealth recently shared about on my podcast show in March 2010 and has been the subject of an entire YouTube video last year as well as a blog post chronicling my wife Christine’s paltry D3 level of a pitiful 9. She has since gotten her Vitamin D levels up to 52 and rising thanks to taking a high-dose 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 gel caps we get from Sam’s Club. The result? Muscle and joint pain gone, better mood, and she’s come off of her prescription Paxil for the first time in over a decade! There is no coincidence between Vitamin D levels and vastly improved health and the team doctors with the Chicago Blackhawks realized this when they started observing the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency amongst their players in early 2009.

Click here for more on this intriguing story about Vitamin D from the sports world!


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