Dr. Robert Lustig: Abhors Fructose And Sugar, But Not A Supporter Of Low-Carb Diets

Filed under: Interviews — @ May 26, 2010

We live in an exciting day and age of information these days, don’t we? Thanks to the Internet, we have blogs, podcasts, and web sites galore providing information on anything and everything you can think of. The immense popularity of sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube makes finding new information on virtually any subject practically instantaneous right at your fingertips. And there’s plenty of invaluable stuff out there about health and nutrition that is worth taking a closer look at, including a 90-minute YouTube video by a pediatrics professor in California (embedded below)┬áthat has gone completely viral with most of the over 400,000 views and counting happening in 2010 alone.

Ever since he gave his now infamous lecture entitled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” in July 2009 at the University of California-San Francisco “Mini Medical School for the Public” event, physician Dr. Robert H. Lustig who teaches pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at UCSF has become somewhat of a hero in the low-carb and health community for exposing the truths about the dangers of fructose, the negative impact it is playing on health, and what we can do about it. I’ve had more people e-mail me a link to or tell me about this video than anything else in the 6+ year history of my web site and it is most certainly well worth your time and effort to sit down, watch, listen, re-listen, and absorb everything this man has to share because the concepts are vitally connected to everything I’ve shared over the years. This is the kind of truth that absolutely penetrates because it cannot be refuted by anyone. I personally invite you to take the time to watch it from start to finish–you’ll be glad you did!


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