Dr. Ron Rosedale: Low-Carb Must Be Moderate In Protein To Work

Filed under: Health — @ June 1, 2010

I’ve been blessed over the past six years to be a part of this extraordinary community of supporters of carbohydrate-restriction for weight loss and health. But the people who have been trumpeting this cause for many years prior to 2004–Drs. Mike & Mary Dan Eades, Dana Carpenter, Lora Ruffner, and, of course, the late, great Dr. Robert C. Atkins–deserve great recognition for forging new ground for us. These pioneers (along with many others I can’t possibly name here) were low-carb when low-carb wasn’t cool. And yet they stuck with it and educated the public about what this lifestyle change is really all about. Today’s podcast guest is another one of the standard bearers for low-carb living who is still changing lives around the world one patient at a time.

In Episode 365 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from the great low-carb physician Dr. Ron Rosedale, author of the leptin-focused 2005 book entitled The Rosedale Diet. I’ve been pursuing this interview for three years with Dr. Rosedale and he’s been a difficult man to catch. The past year or so he’s been working with patients in India helping them beat diabetes and obesity. He returned to the United States in early 2010 and enthusiastically agreed to an interview–I took full advantage of it with a 100-minute chat!

Listen to Dr. Ron Rosedale talk about why he wanted to learn more about nutrition after the lack of education left him wanting more following medical school, why the low-carb diet concepts really aren’t new at all (he’s been teaching the same concepts for over 30 years), why he has chosen to focus on leptin rather than insulin, what the hormone leptin is, the biology of hunger, the role of calories on a low-carb diet, why lowering leptin levels is similar to the diet used to lower insulin levels, why he doesn’t read other diet and nutrition books including Gary Taubes’ Good Calories Bad Calories, the maniacal nature of nutritional studies bending towards pharmaceutical solutions, the movement by the government to make vitamins more difficult to obtain, the statin drug dangers to your heart (the folly of trying to reduce the risk of heart disease with a drug that damages the heart muscle), the diabetes drugs that are giving patients cancer, the specifics of his particular brand of low-carb, why he was on the cutting-edge of moderating protein intake when all other low-carb supporters were talking about high-protein, why he calls for limiting saturated fat consumption in the first few weeks of beginning his plan, the medium chain triglyceride exception, why cholesterol is so important inside the body, the correlation between low cholesterol and cancer, his views on limiting omega-6 fat sources to balance fatty acids and why it’s nearly impossible to reach optimal levels in modern society without completely eliminating omega-6 fatty acid sources, what people are eating in the first few weeks of his diet, why eggs and nuts are nature’s perfect low-carb foods, why you shouldn’t really count calories eating low-carb, why it’s unknown what the perfect fat/protein/carb ratio is ideal for someone, why what we eat isn’t necessarily what our cells are consuming, and how to determine the ideal amount of protein to consume and why you need to split it up amongst your meals.

Click here to get ready to learn from this incredible low-carb master as he shares at great length about the amazing work he is doing. What an awesome treat from one of the best of the best!


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