The Story Behind Low-Carb ChocoPerfection Bars; Michael Nova’s Miraculous Dietary Health Turnaround

Filed under: Health — @ June 4, 2010

There’s been a lot of junk low-carb products to come out over the years because most of them are made with inferior ingredients, artificial crap, and other things you just don’t want to put inside of your mouth. That’s why an Idaho woman named Mary Jo Kringas founded Low-Carb Specialties, creator of ChocoPerfection bars, because she was tired of having to settle for what the market sells to you. She joins us for a brief 15-minute interview at the beginning of the podcast today to talk about her candida yeast infection which led her to eating low-carb, how she discovered the secret sweetening ingredient used in the bars, why she avoids using any artificial sweeteners at all, why she decided to start her own low-carb chocolate bar company, what the ChocoPerfection bars are made with and why they’re better for people with metabolic and hormonal disturbances, why this bar is ideal for people with emotional eating concerns, why low-carb is superior to the low-fat/low-calorie diets, the prebiotic fiber-based SweetPerfection sugar replacement product, how chicory root is grown and processed to become oligofructose, the positive impact on the health of diabetics, authors who have endorsed her products, and her latest new product–Dark ChocoPerfection Chips. If you’ve been disappointed with the sugar-free, low-carb chocolate bars that are on the market today, then why not give ChocoPerfection a try for yourself!

In Episode 366 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear an extraordinary tale of naturally overcoming some very serious health conditions suffered by singer and filmmaker Michael Nova, whose inspiring music-based film is called X: The Human Condition. Listen to his gripping story of how he suddenly developed a series of illnesses including ear, eye, kidney and cholesterol issues, his diagnosis of uveitis and pigmentary dispersion was a serious wake-up call, his doctor turned him on to taking vitamins, he found carbohydrate-restriction after realizing he was severely addicted to sugar, his high phosphorus regimen requires strict adherence to his dietary plan, he chose to follow a low-carb plan despite being underweight, his cholesterol went from above average risk to now below average risk, the supplements he takes helps keep his health optimal, a sample of his strange diet which tends to be higher-carb than most of my listeners, and his electronic/alternative music journey tells the “dark” story of the fantasy-based X: The Human Condition.

Click here for this story I’m not sure you’ve heard anything quite like before!


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