Innovative Metabolic Solutions And The Nutrition & Metabolism Society: A One-Two Scientific Punch To Combat Conventional Diets

Filed under: Health — @ June 17, 2010

People are constantly asking if there are organizations they can contribute to that support the principles of carbohydrate-restriction and are working to educate the public about the healthy high-fat, low-carb way of eating. And the good news is there isn’t just one, but TWO excellent groups that are leading the way promoting the science behind low-carbohydrate diets to doctors and the consumer alike. Today’s podcast interview guests are the key players at these two organizations that YOU need to know about.

In Episode 370 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from two amazing guests. First up is Jeff Clinger from Innovative Metabolic Solutions (IMS), the cumulative brainchild of Dr. Mary Vernon, Gary Taubes, and Dr. Eric Westman, which is seeking to change the conversation regarding low-carb diets as it relates to treating obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders. Listen to Jeff share about the metabolic issues he was dealing with, his chance meeting with Dr. Vernon at a New Year’s Eve party in 2006, his incredible weight loss and health improvements that happened to him and his wife through low-carb, the ultimate goal of IMS, the dream of developing a medical school curriculum, the invitation to Washington, DC to speak with health leaders about funding low-carb research, the consumer connection with a patient portal, and the Summer 2010 IMS Module Series interactive conference call with question and answer sessions with the speakers. Don’t miss your chance to win this valuable 7-week program featuring the top names in low-carb science by e-mailing the names of the guest speakers who are presenting lectures on Thursday nights this summer beginning July 8, 2010 to Deadline to enter is no later than Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 12:00PM.

Next up we have a fantastic conversation with Laurie Cagnassola who is the be-all, end-all when it comes to the fabulous non-profit organization called The Nutrition & Metabolism Society (NMS). You might recall this is the group founded by the great Dr. Richard Feinman and supported by most of the top names in the low-carb community. Listen to Laurie discuss her personal story about becoming interested in fitness and health focusing on conventional wisdom, why she used to cross the street to the other side in New York City when she saw Dr. Robert C. Atkins, her meeting with Jeffrey Feinman about working with his brother (Dr. Richard Feinman) on promoting low-carb science, her shock about discovering the science supporting fat is good and carbohydrates are unhealthy, her “aha moment” compliments of Dr. Feinman that convinced her that low-fat diets are the wrong way to go, the assumptions about how to treat diabetes were not shared by groups like the American Diabetes Association, the “controversy” session that Dr. Feinman attended at an international diabetes conference, why she thinks the message of carbohydrate-restriction is withheld from the public, the new updates to the NMS web site that are coming to compete with the other major health web sites that are out there, and how to join their efforts to promote the low-carb science.

Click here to listen to these back-to-back interviews with Jeff Clinger from IMS and Laurie Cagnassola from NMS talking about the amazing work their respective organizations are doing on behalf of healthy low-carb living!


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