‘Bloggeranza Week 2′ Continues With Ann Marie Michaels From CHEESESLAVE

Filed under: Health — @ June 23, 2010

“Bloggeranza Week 2″ is rockin’ and rollin’ now and we’re having a great time promoting the most outstanding bloggers promoting healthy low-carb living to the masses. We heard from Connie Bennett on Monday and we’re looking forward to our upcoming interviews later this week with Amy Dungan, Dr. Stephan Guyenet, and Holly Hickman. It’s gonna be an AMAZING week! Today’s podcast interview guest is a voracious promoter and lover of real, whole food living sharing it with thousands daily!

In Episode 372 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from the enthusiastic and passionate real food advocate Ann Marie Michaels from the CHEESESLAVE blog. Healthy high-fat, low-carb whole food living is what Ann Marie is all about and she is out there sharing the benefits of this way of eating. Listen to her talk about the health complications that plagued her in her 20s, how the Weston A. Price Foundation changed her life, why babies need to be consuming saturated fat, where she came up with the name CHEESESLAVE, the raw milk controversy, why consuming fat is so important for health, the lack of sunburn when you eat high-fat, why people are resistant to getting their food from a farmer’s market or a local farmer, what inspired her to start her own podcast, the newfound openness to the message of real food living, why the fat you consume must be the healthy ones, how we ended up with Crisco in our food supply, the oxidized cholesterol food manufacturers add to foods like milk chocolate, her Real Food Media conglomeration with several real food bloggers, how her marketing background is attracting advertisers, her expertise in social media places like Facebook and Twitter, and why you should follow everybody on Twitter.

Click here to discover why Ann Marie Michaels is a real leader in the alternative nutrition movement and I’m proud to share my interview of her with you today!


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