‘Bloggeranza Week 2′ Welcomes Dr. Stephan Guyenet From ‘Whole Health Source’

Filed under: Health — @ June 25, 2010

We’re coming close to the end of “Bloggeranza Week 2″ featuring the top low-carb and health bloggers online today and it’s been quite the week already. There’s already been some pretty amazing chats with bloggers like Connie Bennett, Ann Marie Michaels, and Amy Dungan. Although we have one more conversation to share with you on Friday with Holly Hickman, today’s podcast guest is one of the most frequently-asked listener requested of all-time!

In Episode 374 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are honored to have neurobiologist from the Seattle-based University of Washington and nutritional health expert Dr. Stephan Guyenet from the “Whole Health Source” blog. He has been one of the leading voices of the science supporting the consumption of healthy fats and traditional Paleolithic types of diets. Fan requests to hear from Stephan has been overwhelming and this is sure to be one of the top podcast interviews of 2010. Listen to him discuss how and why he got interested in the subject of health, where he sees the Paleo/low-carb movement going in the next few years, his thinking about the perception of sugar versus fat in American culture, how MSG mimics sugar in the body, why grains respond different in some people than others, why grinding, soaking, and fermenting grains is so important if you are going to consume them, why consuming a 100% whole grain bread is unnatural, why the calorie theory is not as relevant to body fat regulation as we’ve been led to believe, how your body will defend a “set point” where it wants to keep your body weight at, the role of leptin resistance in growing fat mass, producing hunger, and slowing calorie-burning, why insulin is not as critical as leptin, the positive role of gut flora and bacteria in the body, why the polymer oligofructose (a form of inulin) promotes fat loss, the exercise component in fat loss and a healthy lifestyle, why sprints and circuit training is most effective for increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing body fat, the impact of Gary Taubes’ Good Calories Bad Calories, the distinction between a heart attack, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, the rise and fall in cigarette smoking correlating with heart disease, and the public confusion about living healthy.


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