‘Bloggeranza Week 2′ Finishes Up With Holly Hickman From ‘Healthy Eats Here!’

Filed under: Health — @ June 27, 2010

Wah, wah, wah! After a fabulous week of podcast interviews of my fellow low-carb and health bloggers during “Bloggeranza Week 2″ this past week, sadly it must now come to an end. In case you missed any of them, be sure you go back and listen to all of the interviews with people like Connie Bennett, Ann Marie Michaels, Amy Dungan and Dr. Stephan Guyenet. But we’ve got one more podcast guest to share with you today who is a science writer and national reporter who went through her own journey to discovering the benefits of healthy real whole foods eating.

In Episode 375 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from former FOX News Radio reporter and science journalist Holly Hickman who used her torrid traveling schedule with her career to put together a fabulous real foods restaurant guide where you can purchase dishes that are grass-fed and organic called Healthy Eats Here! e-book. Listen to Holly share about how her father’s death from a brain tumor led her on this real food journey, her weight loss simply from changing the quality of the foods she consumed, the health improvements from eating this way, her major influences on becoming a real foods advocate, her Italian roots and addiction to carbohydrates, the influence on her of growing up in Europe, her self-study of the science behind nutrition, the details about her e-book, why she believes a move to real food is essential, how it would be impossible for everyone to eat locally-grown foods in today’s food culture, the fetishizing of food by the rich to have what they want whenever they want it, the kind of restaurants that didn’t quite make the cut for her e-book and why, the humane ways to raise and kill animals for food, the influence of Michael Pollan on this movement, her favorite restaurants serving real food across the United States, and why we don’t see a real foods chef on places like The Food Network and her dream to have her own show.

Click here to listen to this fascinating conversation with a woman like Holly Hickman who has been through her own real foods journey and is now sharing what she’s learned along the way.


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