CJ Hunt Helps Us Find ‘The Perfect Human Diet’; Nutritionist Maria Emmerich Embraces Healthy High-Fat, Low-Carb Living

Filed under: Health — @ June 29, 2010

In Episode 376 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we are pleased to hear from two exciting podcast interview guests today. First up is a mini-interview with CJ Hunt, journalist and documentary filmmaker behind an upcoming release entitled In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet. I first shared about this movie in March 2007 and heralded it at the time as something we all need to rally behind. Well, here it is three and a half years later and the film is all but done with the need for some additional funding for the necessary post-production work that will bring this to the masses. Listen to CJ discuss the long journey of making his film, the influence of Dr. Loren Cordain on the project, the well-known people he interviewed for the documentary, the financial shortfall as the film reaches the conclusion, the analogy to this being OUR Super Size Me, the possibilities to show this nationally on PBS, what the specific money goal is and how easy it would be to reach it in the low-carb/Paleo community, and why this film poignantly combats the dietary nonsense that is being promoted by conventional health experts and government health organizations. This is one film that is worth your investment!

Then in the primary interview we hear from nutritionist Maria Emmerich, author of Secrets To A Healthy Metabolism, who transformed herself from a “fat kid” by transforming her nutrition first and with a little bit of exercise. Today she offers nutritional counseling to clients who she can totally relate with. Listen to Maria discuss her weight struggles growing up, why she bucked conventional wisdom to shed the pounds and get healthy, her training in nutrition and the influence of the biochemistry of food on her thinking, helping her clients deal with the frustration of having weight loss struggles even on low-carb due to deficiencies in four certain brain chemicals, why vitamin D and omega-3 fats are so vitally important, the specific high-fat low-carb foods your body needs to function well including full-fat versions of grass-fed beef, eggs, and cheese, the acetylcholine connection to brain health, the GABA wave tie to emotional distress and anxiety, her “turnip fries” recipe that tastes like French fries, why she no longer believes in being able to get all your vitamins from food, the sad influence of Dr. Mehmet Oz on health, the myth of low serotonin levels and moodiness on a low-carb diet, the positive impact of taking high-dose of 5-HTP right before going to bed, how magnesium helps stave off carbohydrate cravings, the right kind of magnesium to take, why people are more apt to choose risky prescription drugs over natural nutritional supplements, the concept of happiness coming from your stomach rather than your brain, details about her book, the reason why she recommends full-fat whole milk and loathes skim milk, the food additives being added to our food supply to keep us addicted to it, the balance of the hormones through healthy nutrition, and why a “beer belly” is really an “estrogen belly.”

Click here to listen to this interview that is chock full of so many great nuggets of nutritional truths. ENJOY!


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