JJ Virgin Says Avoid Conventional Diet And Fitness To Get Those ‘Sleeveless And Sexy’ Arms You’ve Always Wanted

Filed under: Health — @ July 2, 2010

In Episode 377 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we welcome back a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert from “Dr. Phil” named JJ Virgin who has a brand new book called Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy: The 5-Step Plan to Sleek, Strong, and Sculpted Arms. I first interviewed her back in September 2008 and she’s been quite busy over the past couple of years expanding her web presence in order to make a bigger impact on people’s health. Listen to JJ Virgin talk about her fun new television gig where she will help people with strange eating habits, the comprehensive testing she does with her clients to find the underlying problems with weight loss, what the big deal is about having sexy arms like First Lady Michelle Obama, why diet and exercise are both important elements for shaping your body, what the JJ Virgin Arms Treaty is all about, going through the five steps in her book, the ridiculousness of snacking, why getting protein is so essential, why soy is not a legitimate health food, what quality carbohydrates people should be consuming in their diet, why a “no-carb” diet is probably not ideal, why this plan is perfect for people with diabetes, why walking is not real exercise, why exercise should be intense regardless of your age and fitness, her favorite new low-carb/Paleo books, the “healthy” foods that keep your arms fat, why agave nectar is the biggest health food joke, why she prefers xylitol as an alternative sweetener, why taking small steps in your health is a process, why you should do “burst to blast fat” and resistance training instead of lots of cardio exercise to effectively shed fat, her thoughts on slow weight lifting, why 7-9 hours of sleep is essential to satiety and energy, how stress makes you fat, old, and lose your sex drive, how to beat the “I blew it” attitude, her secret use of bronzer to make you look good, and why the naysayers will come out in full force when you find success.

Click here and you will be drawn in to this engaging and entertaining interview with JJ Virgin.


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