John Durant: Paleolithic Man, Barefoot Runner, New Yorker?

Filed under: Health — @ July 12, 2010

The Paleolithic way of eating has burst on the scene strongly in 2010 with a robust one out of every 5 of my readers identifying themselves Paleo/primal. This is an outstanding trend because people who may object to the term “low-carb” or even “high-fat” might pay attention to the message if it’s called “Paleo” instead. And we’re seeing some major media outlets already taking notice of people like today’s podcast interview guest who are doing great work promoting the virtues of eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

In Episode 379 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from the rising Paleolithic superstar John Durant from who has had quite the year in 2010. A major newspaper story and television interview has shone a bright light on the work Durant is doing promoting traditional dietary principles–in New York City of all places! Listen to John share about how his energy and mood changes after college led him to pay attention to his health for the first time ever, the influence of Art DeVany, his brand marketing occupation, a synopsis of his talk at the upcoming Ancestral Health Symposium on August 5-6 2011, why he created his web site with a sincere desire to open a bigger tent for this way of eating, the January 2010 New York Times article borne out of a gourmet hot dog party, the domino effect that happened in the international press after the newspaper story ran, his hilarious appearance on “The Colbert Report” in February 2010 and the curious way he overcame his nerves, the Eating Paleo in NYC meetup group, how he’s able to live the Paleolithic lifestyle in The Big Apple, the Barefoot Runners in NYC group in Central Park and his enjoyment with the “shock value” of running without shoes or a shirt in public, what his eating plan looks like, his defense of red meat, why there was a lack of coverage of the Krauss saturated fat study from January 2010, why your hunger and thirst mechanisms work so wondrously, the health benefits and importance of embracing a Paleo/low-carb lifestyle, and an exclusive sneak peek at his upcoming book Live Wild: A Survival Guide To The Modern World.

Click here to listen because you can’t help but get excited about the future of Paleo/low-carb living when you hear John Durant wax so eloquently about what is obviously the passion of his life.


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