Nutrition & Metabolism Society Video: Dr. Eugene Fine Asks ‘Is A Low-Carb Diet The Answer To Cancer?’

Filed under: Health — @ July 15, 2010

Everything in your life can be going along just fine when suddenly one day you start to feel some pain in a specific part of your body that requires you to go see your doctor. Once x-ray and MRI tests are run, your physician looks at your tests and says he’s going to need to do a biopsy to determine what exactly that “mass” is inside of you. Your heart sinks immediately thinking the worst and in most cases it ends up being benign after days of excruciating waiting. But it’s not unheard of after having a biopsy done for your doctor’s office to call you back and give you the dismal news you never wanted to hear–it’s cancer. Until you’ve been told those words there’s nothing that can prepare you for the devastation and horror of such a pronouncement that most people view as a certain death sentence. But there are plenty of cancer survivors out there who will attest that nothing could be further from the truth. And there’s one brave researcher at the Einstein College of Medicine who is doing some remarkable work examining the role carbohydrate-restriction can play in controlling and preventing cancer.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Eugene Fine and his RECHARGE Trial putting cancer patients on a carbohydrate-restricted diet with no starches or sweets for 28 days in an attempt to halt or reduce cancer cell growth and to watch his one-hour lecture on the subject that took place as part of Strategy & Planning Meeting for the Nutrition & Metabolism Society (NMS) on May 8, 2010.


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