Summertime 2010 Book Review Series: ‘Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly’ By Dr. Larry McCleary

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Navigating through all the daily barrage of information that comes out about diet and health these days can be quite intimidating. There are thousands upon thousands of books telling you to eat this, don’t eat that, add these foods and supplements, avoid these things or they’ll kill you, so forth and so on. As a consumer living your life the best you know how, it can be extremely hard to know who and what to believe and whether any of it really makes practical sense for you and your family. How do you know who you can trust to tell you the truth about the relationship between what you eat and the effect that will have on essential functions of the body like your metabolism, heart and brain? It’s extremely rare to find someone (ANYONE!) who fits the bill when it comes to providing reliable information that is backed by solid research and not just some flippant opinion based on a whole lot of nothing. But leave it to a brain surgeon to be the one to assimilate all of the data, cut through all the complexities about it, and then make it all seem understandable and convincing for us common laypeople. That’s exactly what you get from pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Larry McCleary in his latest book called Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly.

Dr. McCleary is the bestselling author of a fantastic book released in 2007 entitled The Brain Trust Program that closely examined the impact our diet has on brain health. But with this new book, he wanted to dig deeper into the unmistakable connection between the brain and the “other brain” commonly known as the metabolism. The thesis Dr. McCleary asserts in his book is that there is a very clear connection between the brain and the belly and that by feeding your body the right kind of nutrition to keep your brain healthy, you’ll experience a domino effect in your metabolism that will keep your hunger at bay, make you feel satisfied with the way you eat, and enjoy amazing weight loss success. And this isn’t some fast and loose diet thesis we’re talking about here–Dr. McCleary has tested this on real people who have been highly successful at shedding the pounds while improving their brain health dramatically thanks to some sound scientific principles explained within the pages of this book.

Click here to read the rest of my review of Dr. Larry McCleary’s Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly.


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