Low-Carb Health Bits & Bytes For August 2010

Filed under: Health — @ August 5, 2010

A whole lot has been going on lately in the news and blogosphere about health and low-carb living that I’ve just been dying to share with you here at my blog. If you could only see the huge stack of stuff I have that I’d like to be blogging about, I could literally write 100 blog posts from that stuff alone–oh to have more hours in the day! Unfortunately, because of the nature of the beast that is my work schedule with podcast recordings, YouTube videos, and all the day-to-day stuff that warrants my time, there’s just way too much of it and too little time in my schedule to write in-depth individual columns about all that’s been happening. I sincerely appreciate all of the e-mails, tweets, Facebook messages and more from you whenever you see an article of interest, so keep those coming to livinlowcarbman@charter.net. Most of the time I stay on top of what is important and get that stuff out there whenever I can. But to remedy the current backup of stuff to blog about, I’ve decided to share a few quick low-carb bits and bytes from my collection of articles that have caught my attention in August 2010.


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