Geoff Bond: We’re Being Fed A ‘Deadly Harvest’ That’s Killing Our Health

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In Episode 388 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from a nutritional anthropologist named Geoff Bond who wrote a book about the history of diet called Deadly Harvest: The Intimate Relationship Between Our Health and Our Food. His early career had him living in east Africa examining the habitat of our original ancestors from 60,000 years ago with a specific look at what they ate to survive and thrive. Listen to Geoff share about how our bodies today are nearly identical to our hunter-gatherer forefathers, the analysis of the bones and teeth he used to determine the foods consumed and other lifestyle factors of early man, what a nutritional anthropologist (aka “Paleo” nutritionists) is and what the purpose of this work is, the educational information he provides at his web site, why the “8 glasses of water” recommendation is a ridiculous marketing ploy, the bastardization and selectivity of the nutritional studies used by food companies, how Ancel Keys turned “lead into gold” in the minds of people regarding nutrition and health, how the farming revolution led us down the spiraling path we find ourselves on with our food supply, the influx of grain foods in our modern food supply despite being a novelty in the history of the human diet, the poisons that grains contain that require us to avoid them in our diet to avoid health mischief, why nobody should be eating gluten whether they have Celiac disease or not, why the plants grown today are devoid of the rich nutrition of the plants our early ancestors consumed, why the negative effects of grains are being ignored by the experts promoting Dietary Guidelines, the fear of nutrition professionals to counter anything that runs against conventional wisdom, why he thinks the message of avoiding grains will be commonplace in 20 years, why breakfast doesn’t have to be traditional high-carb “breakfast” foods, what he would recommend people eat if they want to consume a diet like our ancestors, why grass-fed beef is a much better option for people than grain-fed, and why he says dairy is not a part of a healthy diet.

Click here to enjoy my hour-long interview with the delightful nutritional anthropologist Geoff Bond!


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