Ramiel Nagel: Whole Grains Are A ‘Tooth Disaster’ Waiting To Happen

Filed under: Health — @ August 17, 2010

In Episode 390 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Ramiel Nagel who was so fed up with conventional dentistry that he pursued nutritional methods that would heal him and his daughter’s cavities. He discovered the work of the great Dr. Weston A. Price and realized that dentists are making teeth health worse, not better. That’s why he wrote his book Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition to educate people on the alternative methods to drilling and filling. Listen to Ramiel tell us about his story as a layperson who did the digging in the research, the heavy influence of Weston Price and Melvin Page on his nutritional approach to fighting cavities, the inner workings of how tooth health has very little to do with bacteria as we’ve been told, why he chose to become a champion for the nutritional approach to treating tooth problems, the sudden “tooth disaster” that grains (especially whole grains) are, the detrimental tooth impact of the phosphorus in grains, why most of the adult population is dealing with significant cavities by the age of 40, what a good tooth healthy diet looks like, the incredible role fat soluble vitamins found in cod liver oil play in remineralizing teeth, how dentists respond to the information he is sharing, why many dentists are afraid to speak out against conventional dentistry, why your teeth are not designed to decay, the blood sugar connection to tooth health, whether a vegetarian/vegan can have strong tooth health with their high-grain diet, the raw egg smoothie he makes for healthy teeth, why grass-fed meats are preferred to grain-fed ones, whether you ever need to see a dentist again, how your teeth become naturally whiter and shinier when you are eating properly, and the most burning questions and criticism people have for him.


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