Summertime 2010 Book Review Series: ‘Secrets To A Healthy Metabolism’ By Maria Emmerich

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People who have struggled with their weight for most of the lives oftentimes claim to have a slow or damaged metabolism. They believe that if they could just heal this aspect of their health, then weight loss was be a cinch and robust health would surely follow. Oh, if it were only that simple to figure out. The fact is the functions of our body, including our metabolism, have much less to do with the genetics we were born with and more to do with what we do to it. Years of poor dieting advice in the form of high-carb, low-fat, calorie-restricted diets have only made the problem worse, not better. And nutrition and exercise science expert Maria Emmerich understands this dynamic better than most professionals in her field of work. She realizes there are consequences to consuming sugar and other culprit carbohydrates while neglecting the all-important fats our bodies need to be healthy and she shares the right way to eat and why in her book Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism.

This topic hits close to home for Maria starting off in Chapter 1 where she discusses what it was like being an overweight teenager who had to overcome the poor nutritional advice she was given to shed the pounds and get herself healthy. That drive to learn the truth has propelled her to use that experience to now help others who are dealing with weight and health issues. In Chapter 2, she explains the function of your metabolism and quickly moves into what you can do to feed it properly in Chapter 3. Ideas like eating more protein and fiber, consuming healthy fats while ditching the sugar and HFCS which she says is “destroying your metabolism” (Maria got an e-mail from the Corn Refiner’s Association lady, too!), forgoing the alcohol and fast food, and questioning the health claims about milk. The difference between what most people think is “healthy” eating and what Maria means by that phrase are worlds apart and you get to see the side-by-side comparison of what she’s advocating on pages 75-77.

Click here to read the rest of my review of Maria Emmerich’s Secrets To A Healthy Metabolism.


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