Get Ready For The Nutritional ‘Woodstock’ Ancestral Health Symposium Coming August 5-6, 2011

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In Episode 391 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we have two very exciting interviews to share with you about a brand new organization and an event coming in 2011 you need to know about. The new group is called Committee For A Healthy Nation and we have two of the founding members to share about this organization committed to sharing the science behind healthy nutrition in government dietary guidelines–Adele Hite and Pam Schoenfeld. Hear them talk about why this new group was created, their mission to promote inclusion in nutritional guidelines of low-carb diets, how they are hoping to impact the current direction of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines based on the new science, and how people supporting the science behind carbohydrate-restriction can get involved in The Committee For A Healthy Nation. My apologies for the severe echo during this portion of the interview (technical issues happen and we usually try to fix them as well as we can before they hit the airwaves).

Then, in the primary interview today we have five guest speakers to tell us about the upcoming The Ancestral Health Symposium coming August 5-6, 2011 at UCLA (FYI: the fact that the event will be held at UCLA does not imply or represent endorsement by UCLA or the Regents of the UC regarding the content and programming of our event). This will definitely be the low-carb/Paleo nutritional “Woodstock” and it’s gonna feature anybody and everybody in the community thanks to the efforts of event organizers such as Seth Roberts, Brian Geremia, Brent Pottenger, Aaron Blaisdell sharing about why they wanted to do an event of this magnitude. Listen to them share why they are each personally involved in this movement, their individual interest and involvement in traditional diets, the reason why they wanted to gather together the key players in the ancestral health movement, who the guest speakers who will be featured in The Ancestral Health Symposium, how the presenter scheduling will work, details on who is invited and how they can be a part of this event, whether the media is lined up to cover this story, and what the plans are for future events.

Click here to learn more about the event and start making plans NOW to be a part of nutritional history on August 5-6, 2011 for the Ancestral Health Symposium in Los Angeles, California.


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